Chicken, chips and chemo


Yesterday was a long day. Headache, upset stomach and a general feeling of fatigue and tiredness set in.  Arielle didn’t feel too great  either!

Her BEP chemo stared late in the day yesterday and since it’s  actually 3 different chemicals administered individually it takes  over 10 hours!  They started around 5:00 and didn’t finish until almost 4:00 am! Needless to say the woman/child was exhausted, whinny and cranky.  …and rightfully so!

I tried to get her to eat something. Fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, toast…. There was nothing that sounded good or that she wanted.  Apple juice was good, as was flavoured water.

A disagreement  with the kitchen lady started the morning off on a bad note. Feeling crap, Arielle hadn’t looked at the menu, so when the lady came around to take the lunch order and Arielle wasn’t ready, all hell broke loose.  Being of Sicilian heritage and my daughter, it should be noted that once Arielle is pissed, she’s pissed  (to my English friends, not drunk, angry. ” Forget it, I don’t want anything!”  …and with that Kitchen Lady called her bluff and walked away!  Okay, now this shit gettin interesting!

When lunchtime did come around and  Arielle’s hunger had won over her pride…. I heard   ” Mom you know what I’d really like… Chicken nugarts and chips.” Horrified, I tried to talk her out of  this request and into something more wholesome and nutritious, but she wasn’t having it.  After a brief struggle with her and with myself, I left the hospital and found the nearest fish and chip joint.   ” Yes, one order of chicken nugarts and an order of chips, please.”

She ate and enjoyed every bite…. Much to my dismay.

With lunchtime behind us we’re quietly waiting for the chemo chaser, which will start at 4:00.


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