It was inevitable

Arielle 1

They told us it would happen. In fact we were told four weeks ago to expect to see the beginning stages of it, in two weeks.  So we’ve actually had a bit more time than expected.  It was however, inevitable.

Arielle’s hair has started falling out, in earnest.

She cut it twice (in the past four weeks) trying to take some of the weight off.  She begrudgingly stopped washing it everyday and using products on it.  She also stopped blow dying it.  All in the hopes that she might keep it just a little bit longer.

arielle 3

I have no idea what the emotional and mental impacts of losing your  long, beautiful hair to chemo feels like.  However when I was about 30, I suffered from Alopecia Areata.  A weird condition where large clumps of your hair just fall out for no apparent reason!  I had just one large (4-5 inches in diameter) round patch at the back of my head and down the nape of my neck.  The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming.  I cried and cursed and threw mini tantrums everyday for about two years, until it grew back.  Lady luck was with me though, as I had only the one patch and didn’t lose my eyebrows and eyelashes as some people do! So although I have no idea what this is going to be like for Arielle I am able to empathize and feel her anger and pain.


Her sister (Sera) and I genuinely offered to shave our heads in solidarity…  Being  true to herself,  as always, her response was; “No, Sera would not look good bald and you have always wanted to shave your head so it wouldn’t count.”

So there you have it, my secret is out. My dream look.

head henna


  1. Amazing how you can post a heart breaking piece of news like that and leave me with a smile on my face. I hope I caught it from you.

    Also amazing that the shorter Arielle’s hair gets, the more she looks like you – lucky girl.

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  2. When April (daughter) and Deb (cousin) lost their hair they didn’t like the wigs so we used scarves, all types, color, funny, beautiful, holiday, whatever and we all wore them when we went out and pretended to be “biker chicks”! Had some really fun times and you just saw a picture of April , three years strong!

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  3. And the process continues. When the girls were growing up, I always thought Sera was your mini-me. At first blush, now when I look at Ari’s photos I think it’s you. Amazing! Her hair will surely return. Sometimes the texture is different, but it grows back. Anissa opted for wigs. I like the bald look with really nice earrings, but she wasn’t hearing it, and I chose not to disagree. You remember how stubborn she was and still is. I remember whenever I stopped by your cubicle at work, you would ask me to check your scalp to see if the bald spot got bigger over night. I think the stress was worst than the little spot. XOXO Remember to stay in the present.

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    1. Funny everyone is saying she looks like me with short hair! …and Dottie I remember you were the eyes on the back of my head!!! Thank God for you always downplaying it’s size and the severity!!! Thank you. xxx


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