The week Tigger lost her bounce


Arielle has always had a special energy.  A bouncy, frenetic, quite pleasant (if not exhausting) energy. Somewhere along her path (in her adult life) she was given the nick name, “Tigger.”

The name fits her perfectly and if you’re at all familiar with A. A. Milne’s, “The House at Pooh Corner”character, of the same name, you understand why.

Like the fictional character,  my Tigger is usually cheerful, outgoing, competitive and gives off a sense of confidence.  Also like the other Tigger, Arielle is filled with optimism, has a bit of an ego, and can be very mischievous!  Her actions have sometimes led to chaos or trouble and she has undertaken tasks with lots of gusto, only to realize they were perhaps not as easy as she had originally imagined.

Milne’s Tigger boasts about never getting lost;  and my Tigger has very successfully navigated her way though this world for 31 years, being hit with some serious detours and roadblocks, but has never been really lost.

This week however, my Tigger has lost her “bounce.”

This week’s 5 consecutive days of chemo have sucked the bounce right out of her. And rightfully so…  I’ve noticed, in comparison, most of the woman on the ward are receiving chemo one day a week or once every 10 days. Some are receiving injections versus the 6-9 hour drips. Taking this into consideration, she is doing AMAZINGLY well.   …but the bounce is temporarily gone.

As her Mom, seeing this happening, I find it quite sad and somewhat disheartening…  but I have to remind myself that this too shall pass.

I can’t imagine Milne’s Tigger letting something as sucky as cancer,  permanently take his bounce away,  nor will it take Arielle’s bounce away.  She’ll be back with a bigger zest for life and a much higher bounce!

You just wait and see.


  1. Just been catching up on your posts, Melissa. Your ability to express your experience through the keyboard is quite something and it’s made it tricky to condense my thoughts into a small comments box, but here goes: I know you were hoping for less shitty news about the tumour size – and I’m sorry you’ve not been thrown more YET – but keep in mind what the prof says and keep positive (easy for me to say I know!!); the story about Carl I found terribly touching – from the sadness of course, but also in the beauty of meeting Rich (reminded me so much of Michela’s story – polished widow)…and lastly, I just wanted to send you all much temporary bounce until Tigger’s returns (which it will). xx

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    1. Dear Angela, Thank you so much for your comments and for your continued support. It’s weird but when I sit down to write I go into this trance like state and the words just come out. I’m happy Arielle is not interested in reading the entries as I think perhaps I wouldn’t be so honest. Thanks again Angela! Hey, can you give me your blog address again? Thanks. Xx


      1. You’re welcome Melissa, keep trancing!…It’s a strange ‘co-incidence’ that I met you via Nick (and the 30DC & Brighton link) when our circles seem to be mixing online as well!….By the way, I tried to subscribe to your blog a while back (twice in fact) but system tells me I already have a pending request…not sure what that’s about. Oh, and mine is…sending you lots of Brighton bounce xx

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  2. Thanks. I don’t believe in coincidences! I can’t wait for my life to calm down so that you and I can meet over a cup of tea…. Or even better, wine! : )


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