We have a long road ahead, but…

long road

AFP cancers markers are down from 78,000 to 67,000 and the cancerous section of the large mass has definitely reduced in size. This is all GOOD news! (although to keep it real, I should mention a normal AFP reading is less than 500 and having NO mass growing in your abdomen is really quite a good thing, so we  do have a ways to go, but good is good!)

There’s disagreement amongst the leaders, of the broader team, as to whether we should proceed with Round 3 of chemo or go for surgery now. Prof feels one more round of chemo is the way to go, since the numbers are coming down and the cancer finally seems to be responding to the chemo. However, other members of the team said, “Let’s get the bloody thing out of there!” (Ummm, I may be over using my paraphrasing abilities a bit.)

At this point it looks like Round 3, however This Friday’s AFP count will be the deciding factor. If the AFP goes up or does not come down at least a little more, Prof may rethink his decision to go with Round 3 and move forward with the surgery, now. If they come down, Round 3.

So Arielle’s immediate future is up in the air. She’s preparing for around 3 mentally and emotionally. After all she knows better than anyone that 5 consecutive days of chemo will kick your ass, and preparation is required.

I’m in Dover this week, and  today it was like Arielle was her old self again.  She’s animated, talkative, funny, eating well, even mouthy and sarcastic! That’s my girl!

So for now,  we’ll again, hope for the best and prepare  for the worst.



  1. Melis…read this and I have a question…does Arielle have a mass growing in her stomach? I have been thinking all along her cancer was more ‘female’ related especially since she had so much trouble when she was in her teens. I’ve gotten confused, evidently, along the way. Glad you get to spend so much time with her and will never forget that in God’s foreknowledge of this very situation, Arielle moved to England a while back…with no idea that she would one day need you in such a dramatic way.

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    1. Sorry, sorry…. I said “abdomen” which made it sound like stomach. No it is ovarian cancer and a mass has devoured her right ovary and has taken up residence in her abdominal cavity. It is so big now (the size of a large honey dew melon) that it is actually moved and grown beyond her ovary….. It pushing on her right kidney and everything else on the right side! Hope that helps… Thanks for reading! Xxx


  2. Wow…that clarifies it so much better. Has she lost all of her hair at this point? I’ll never forget when my friend susan started losing her hair. We were in Disney with my mother and her 4-5 year old (Susan’s…not my mother’s!) She was brushing her hair and out it started coming. It scared her daughter so bad, she clung to me that weekend. But susan put on a turban and a hat and for her, that worked.

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  3. …….be hopeful. Hope is the little voice that whispers ‘hang in there,I am with you always,’ when it seems the world is screaming ‘it doesn’t look good.’

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  4. So glad to hear this positive news following the scans, and amazing to hear that Arielle might be feeling more herself for now 🙂 best wishes for Friday… Whichever route your amazing team recommend will of course take you further down the road towards the sunshine, and it’s so incredible to hear that Arielle is already gearing up for the possibility of another round – she’s got her mother’s fighting spirit. As always, warmest, kindest wishes to you all and you are often in my thoughts xxxx

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  5. Every time I read your blog, I can only think what an inspiration you both are. Most people who go through what Arielle is don’t have her spirit or a relative who is there every step of the way like you are, Melissa. It’s not what life throws at you but how your react that makes you the people you are. Pretty incredible.

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  6. Hang on in there you guys, we’re all behind you every step of the way. Latest news sounds positive, I’m sure there’ll be a good outcome. Love and hugs to you both xxxx

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  7. Sounds like progress is moving in the right direction! Glad she is feeling like herself this week and you can enjoy some “chemo free” time together.

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  8. I wanna start singing, “The sun’ll come out tomorrow, tomorrow…” It’s so, so good to get a respite and then so hard to trust that it’s real or that it will continue, but it might.

    I’d do like you and trust the “prof” cause you are comfortable with him and his reading of the situation. How very wonderful for you to get that positive news finally. Enjoy it and we will just pray that it continues, and let’s claim it in the name of Jesus! He is the ultimate Healer and He can certainly do it.

    Love you both and my whole family is praying for this. And my bible study group and my Pastor, and anyone who will listen to the rantings of a crazy friend who has no control over this situation and can only offer prayer.

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    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank your family, and your Pastor, and your prayer group and everyone else who you’ve bothered with my ranting! You guys are the best. We’ve got prayer warriors in Miami, Georgia, the UK… All over the place! This is good news. I am teatering on couscous optimism and downright happy! Love you, xxxx

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      1. Believe it or not, you are so loveable! With all this anxiety, you make me smile and I remember how much I love you and how much I miss you.

        BTW, it’s been confirmed that Eric has Crohn’s Disease. He’s doing well now, but the Doc is going to work up a treatment plan – and that’s what scares me.The thing we have to remember is that the disease will not kill him. It’s the treatment that is dangerous. So please keep us in your prayers as well.

        (I know it’s not a contest, and I know it’s not as serious as Arielle, but I am praying for them both to have the HEALING that can only come from ABOVE. I claim it in HIS name!!!

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