Round 3 it is!

round 3

With last week’s news that the cancerous portion of the large mass appears to be getting smaller and today’s news that the cancer markers are down from 67,000 to 54,000, the decision has been made to move forward with Round 3 of the chemo treatments. (5-1-1, a total of 7 more treatments) 

I know this is good news, but I’m conflicted with the decision.

Part of me is absolutely thrilled that the cancer appears to be shrinking and the markers are finally going down. This is fabulous, it is!  However, the prospect of Arielle having to endure another 3 weeks of chemo is not easy to think about.  And, yes… from a totally selfish perspective, the thought of my having to live in this nightmare for 3 more weeks, makes me nauseous.  

Surgery sounded like a pretty good option… go in NOW, get it OUT!  Okay, I may have oversimplified that option a wee bit, but it did give me comfort thinking that “IT” would be out of her, sooner rather than later. (Was it Alien, where the yucky alien thing jumped out of Sigourney Weaver, stomach?) Yeah, that’s what I had hoped would happen sooner!  …and it just feels like three more weeks is an eternity! …but, I’m just winging now so I’ll stop! 

Three more weeks brings us to the middle of September, a week or so to round up a surgeon and organize the surgery surgery, brings us to maybe somewhere around the week of the 21st.  

Hmmm, maybe my Mom’s birthday would be a “good omen” kind of day. September 24th. We’ll have to wait and see.  

Okay, {inhale} let’s do this! {exhale}   


  1. Excellent news that Arielle is doing such a good job of kicking cancer’s butt, but completely understandable how conflicted you feel. I like the idea of keeping your mum’s birthday as a day to work towards – and it will be so good to get there and know that there will be less to do because of round 3. Fondest and most healing wishes on the start of the next step of your journey; as always your strength and courage is an inspiration xxxx

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    1. Thank you! Your words (as always) lift me up and give me strength to go on.

      PS (Today’s story is (looking back) kind of funny… and has to do with bad Peanut Butter. xxx


  2. 🙂 ooh I never considered that peanut butter could be bad (it’s my favourite thing, but I don’t buy it otherwise I don’t eat anything other than pb on toast until it’s gone but by then I can’t fit through the kitchen door anymore). What happened?! xx

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