D Day (Part 1)


The train trip from Brighton to London Victoria Station takes about 60 minutes. You then need to make your way through hoards of expressionless faces who are scrambling around like rats, through underground tunnels, to the District Line, West. It’s then only about 30 minutes to the Hammersmith Station and  then a short 10 walk to the hospital. Piece of cake, really.

However,  it was not long ago, that the thought of making that trip on my own would have been unnerving!  It’s true, if your kid is sick or in danger, it gives you “superhuman powers.” Mine is to master the London Underground! (Ok, maybe “master” was a bit of an exaggeration! )

Today is Monday, September 8th and it is Arielle’s last chemo treatment! She has had 3 rounds and 23 individual treatments! And she has been fucking AMAZING.  As her mother, I am of course proud of the way she has handled this, but even just as a person who has watched closely as she’s gone through this, I am in awe  at how brave and fearless she has been.

I write these words as I am on the train headed to London to sit in on Arielle’s appointment with Professor Seckel. I want to hear for myself what the next steps are. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, because I just don’t know what to expect. Will there be more chemo? Are we ready for surgery? Is the overall prognosis still the same? Did the 23 chemo treatments have any effect on the cancer? Is it larger? Is it significantly smaller?  I mean HEY, the cancer didn’t respond the way we’ve expected it to from Day 1, so do we now need to change our plans or the overall prognosis? The questions are endless.

I’ll close here…  because, perhaps instead of speculation, it’s just better to come back later and update this entry with the facts.  Stay tuned for Part 2

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