Dear Cancer

cancer 3

Dear Cancer, You can’t say I didn’t try to warn you! I tried to tell you she’s a tough cookie!  I should know… I carried her through 9 months of pregnancy and brought her into this world.  I raised her and watched her grow into the bright, strong, independent woman she is today.

I tired to tell you she’s of “Sicilian” blood (and temperament!)  and that’s some serious shit!  On her best days she’s stubborn, pigheaded and inflexible (Hmmm? I wonder where she gets those traits from?), but if her back’s against the wall, she can be down right, head-strong, steely, iron willed and obstinate!

This was always going to be a battle.  She was never going to go down easily. You gave it your best shot, but hey, she won this battle fair and square!  You threw her some nice upper cuts, even I’ll admit that.  You even made her a wobble a bit, but in the end she kept her footing, looked you square in the eye, took your best shot and said “Fuck you Cancer!”

What perhaps I neglected to mention to you, was the army of people she had behind her.  Friends, relatives, co-workers, sorority sisters, friends of friends, friends of relatives and yes, even strangers. There were literally hundreds of people, behind her, every step of the way…  praying for her, sending her healing thoughts, sending her positive energy and lots of healing reiki. You had no idea that you were also fighting a strong, invisible force of “love and light,” that stood behind this 5’7, scrawny woman/girl. Your evil was never a match for her and her tribe.

Oh,  I know this was only a battle… the war may not be over.  However, please understand that if you decide to come back, we (and by “we” I mean all of us and more!) will be there to meet you.  We’ll have her dressed in armor, with a hole arsenal of weapons at the ready.  You can expect an even bloodier battle.

I suggest you just go back to the depths of hell where you came from and live out the remainder of your miserable existence in the red-hot fires of Satan.

Have a nice day.


A Madwoman


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