End of another era


Heraclitus once said, “Change is the only constant in life.”  Boy, he sure hit the nail on the head, huh?

God knows, I have had my fair share of “change,” in this lifetime, i.e. husbands, families,  homes, jobs, friends, hair styles…  If nothing else, my life has been a cornucopia of change.  And here I am once again on the edge of yet another change.

After 2.5 years of living in the perfect seaside flat, we are moving on.

When we bought this flat, we were sure this was “the place.”  It was (and still is) perfect in every way; size, number of rooms, original features; quirkiness; light; location…  it’s really got it all.

What we did not realize is that this perfect attic flat (with is’s breathtaking sea views), sits atop a building that is falling down around it!

These tall, graceful, pale yellow, beautiful buildings were built in the mid 1800’s in what’s known as “Regency” architecture. And everyday since they were built, over 150 years ago, they have been battered.  Everyday, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day they are assaulted with salty sea air, constant wind, torrential rain, snow, hail, extreme heat, biter cold, pollution and yes lots and lots of seagull poop!

brunswick town

Just like me, they are unfortunately feeling the effects of this constant thrashing and are giving into the natural process of deterioration.

So we bid adieu to beautiful Brunswick Square and the Terraces, the amazing sunsets, the sound of the waves moving the Brighton beach rocks back and forth, the smell of the salt air, the way the light makes the sea look a different color every time you look out the window, to the sound of the traffic and to being able to see the crippled West Pier first thing, every morning… she won’t be there to much longer either, because everything is always changing.

FinnHopson2-600x400(Photo by Finn Hopson)

It’s time for a new chapter.  A fresh start.  A turn of the page.  A clean slate.

A new beginning.


  1. Life is constant movement and we Just need to learn to ride that wave and boy do you know how ! Admiring your chispa for life . You deserve all the positive for all that you have planted . Make sure u send New address . Lolxx


  2. Hi Mel, I can’t begin to imagine how much you’ll miss your “sanctuary” and the enjoyment of living in a place described so beautifully. I know you’ll make your next home just as comfortable and lovely. Remember, change is good. Change gives us variety in life.


  3. omg! We must Skype because I’m so out of touch. Goodbye to your most beautiful flat. We are glad we were able to see you there. Now on to bigger better things! I’m sure the new flat is just as nice and will be cozy and warm in no time. All your homes look and feel lovely. It’s the owners not the brick and mortar! Now you know I’m a throwback form the olden days and love snail mail, so what is your new address? I’m doing holidays cards and want to send yours on the right path to you. Now we have reason to come back to see you and the new digs! Miss you guys bunches xoxo

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    1. John, you never need a reason to come back to Brighton! If we’re here you are always welcome! Yes it’s been a long and difficult year… we have a lot to catch up on! I hope you and the girls are all well and that Santa is good to you all! Your card will be forwarded, but I’ll email you the new address. xxxxxxx


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