Wormtown, I’m Coming Clean


To my friends in Worcester, my apologies.

I blocked you from seeing my original post,  “Seriously, I couldn’t make this shit up.”   

In that post, I wrote about some really upsetting news, but at the time it wasn’t my news to tell, so I blocked it from all the people I thought it might matter to (even remotely).  Worcester might feel like a big city, but I’m willing to bet that bad news still travels fast. 

What you did not see in that post, is that 125 days after my daughter Arielle received her cancer diagnosis, my brother Tommy, received his.

Tommy (who many of you know and some of you love) has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Yeah, I know… it’s totally fucked up.

I’m still reeling from the news and can’t really comprehend how this is even possible…. (Isn’t there like a rule about how many people in one family can have cancer at any given time?).

Anyway, it’s been a month and a half since his diagnosis and he has now started both radiation and chemo and he’s doing really well!  He is bravely dealing with the situation and is upbeat and optimistic!  He’ s told many of his friends, which is why I can now tell you.

As for his prognosis… Time will tell. He’s a Grassel. He’s a Vietnam Vet. He’s made of tough stuff and as far as I’m concerned, he’s my big brother and he is invincible.

I realised (yet again!) writing this post that my life is a piece of cake.  Having to leave the “Money Pit,” ceiling plaster falling on my head and catching a stupid seasonal viruses is nothing in comparison to what many people all over the world are forced to deal with….  (people in my own immediate family, for goodness sake).  And for every curve ball life has thrown at me, it has thrown me just as many home run balls!

My pity party is over now and I’ve moved onto trying to live my life as positively as possible.  As Charlie always said, “no negativity!”  I’m trying to focus on appreciating my family and accepting that all of this “shit” is just part of life and it too shall pass.

I miss you Worcester.

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