Today Is Brought To You By The Number 5


Just yesterday a Facebook friend of mine said she wished that all my dreams came true.  (What a lovely thing to say to someone, huh?)  I responded that they already had, as Arielle’s cancer counts had continued to come down steadily and that was all I wished for.

Today, as I stood in Bruges, taking photos of a windmill, I was rather surprised to receive a unexpected call from my youngest daughter, advising me that her most recent cancer count was “5!”  Not 5000, not 500, not even 50, but 5.

When she was diagnosed on July 5 2014 (6 months and 5 days or 189 days ago) her cancer markers were at 79,000. Yes, seventy nine thousand, so to me, 5 is a miracle.  If she holds at 5 or below for a few more months she’ll be considered to be in remission.

So Mandy, thank you for wishing that all my dreams come true… It seems to be working!


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