When the people speak.

stop the

I find violence of any kind disturbing, at best and very emotionally upsetting, at worst.

Sometimes just watching the nightly news brings tears to my eyes, because I struggle with emotions of trying to comprehend how one human being could possibly carry out such horrific acts against another human being.

I want to go on record as saying I am totally and unequivocally against violence.

However, I must embarrassingly admit, I did not shed a single tear when I read today that a mob of angry citizens broke into an India prison and dragged out Syed Farid Khan, a 35 year old man who was arrested and being held arrested for allegedly raping a female student, from a local women’s college.  The report said the crowd stripped him naked and dragged him to the town’s clock tower, kicking and pelting him with stones on the way and then they hung him.

I did “flinch” as I read the accounts of the angry mobs actions.  I felt a wave of nausea pass through me and a part of me really wanted to feel bad for Syed, but there were no tears; I did not experience that sense of despair (that I usually feel) for all of mankind when I read similar stories; quite honestly… I was ok with it.

There was a moment that I felt a pang of guilt, because after all Syed had been arrested for “allegedly” raping a young girl. Perhaps he should have had his day in court… but really, if the truth be told (please forgive me God) my first thought wasn’t about the injustice against Syed.  No, my first thought was that the people had finally spoken and they spoke loudly enough to be heard all over the world.

My next immediate thought was that I wished it had been Mukesh Singh, instead of poor Syed.  You remember Mukesh, he’s one of the monsters who raped and murdered Jyoti Singh, after abducting her (and her male friend) because she was brazen enough to be out after 9:00 PM!  He’s the one who’s been in the news recently because even after a few years of imprisonment he still shows absolutely no remorse. He was quoted as saying,  Jyoti “should not have not fought back,” and that she “was far more responsible for her own rape than the boys were!” 

I am totally and unequivocally against violence.

…but, I’m sensing that the people are fed up.  It’s obvious the people of India are sick to death about worrying about their daughters and their image as a “culture of rapists.”  They will no longer tolerate men, like Syed and Mukesh Singh getting away with such an evil, sadistic, horrible crime with only a slap on the hand and some jail time.  The people of India are speaking out. Loudly.

The rest of the world needs to listen and realize the problem does not just reside with “them,” “those people over there.” The problem exists all over the world and if we as a society cannot find a way to fix this problem of violence and rape against our young women through better parenting, education, cultural awareness campaigns, stronger social reforms, stricter laws, and harsher punishments… then the people will continue speaking and they will be heard.

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