Today is brought to you by the Number 4!


For those of you who were right there with me and lived through, what was the worst year of my entire life…  Those of you who read every blog post and laughed and cried, those of you who sent emails and kind words; reiki and healing; lit candles and said prayers…   Yes, you, who helped to get me though the past God awful 9 months… You will be happy to hear that Arielle’s cancer markers are holding steady at 4!

And more importantly, 4 is considered “normal.” 

It’s been 246 days (5910 hours, 354,629 minutes) since I received that horrible phone call from my youngest daughter telling me first, not to “freak out” and then telling me that she had Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer.  (And yes, obviously, I immediately freaked out!)

We (well, she mostly) have been through hell and back in that short period of time, but all indications, at this present moment in time, are that she may have actually kicked cancer’s ass!  Not to be cocky, but I’d like to re-post this:

I know we (she) have a long way to go… just under 5 years (about 1,637 days, not that I’m counting), but things are looking very good, and I want to acknowledge that I am humbled and ever so grateful to have had received this miracle.  Please know that I will never forget all of you who helped pulled me through (sometimes kicking, screaming and out of my mind with fear) to the present.

When I look back it feels like a dream; like it never really happened… but I have the grey hair, wrinkles, and scars on my heart to prove it did.


  1. You are such a pillar of strength to so many.. and you can certainly express yourself so beautifully. I adore you and love reading your blogs!! So very happy for you and your family!! xoxoxoxoxo

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