Dear Max, on the day you were born…

it was cold, dark and the grey sky was once again, threatening rain.

Daddy drove cautiously as Mummy shifted in her seat trying to get comfortable.  I’m not  sure if it was nerves or if she was genuinely uncomfortable, because of her size and inability to move in the cold, cramped car seat.

You were not technically “due” for another week, so quite honestly if she thought she was uncomfortable on that morning… I’m not sure how’d she would have felt if she had to wait another 7+ days.  I dread to think!

I sat in the back seat excited, but apprehensive. Don’t get me wrong, I was terribly excited to meet you, and couldn’t wait for our adventures to begin, but you have to understand, this was “my baby” having to go into that theatre and she is as important to me as you are to her.

We arrived at the Royal Bolton Hospital and somehow made our way through the maze of signs and corridors.

Almost unnoticed by a all of us, was a woman in a coast and scarf walking just in front of us. As we climbed the stairs, she climbed the stairs.  As we approached the Ward, she was right in front of us and keyed a pass code which opened the door.  As she walked in, we  walked in right behind her. As we got to the reception deck, she turned and asked your Mum’s name.  “Arielle Amici,” Mummy responded… Without missing a beat (and without taking off her coat and scarf) she led us down a long corridor to the very last room on the left.


Two of the four beds, in the room, were occupied as the lady with the coat and scarf showed Mummy the bed that would be hers, for the next few days.

It was still dark in the room, as the Moms and babies were still sleeping and the everyday hustle and bustle of a busy maternity ward hadn’t yet begun.

By now, my daughter (your Mummy) was showing signs of excitement as she noticed the empty baby bassinet just an arms length away from where she sat on her bed.

I think she was beginning to realise that this was “really happening” and in a matter of  hours you would be here and all of lives will be forever changed.


Mummy and I “Oooooo,” and “Ahhhhhh” as one of the newborn baby’s in the room started to stir and began to make “cooing” sounds.  Daddy smiled at us, thinking we’re silly and knowing that soon he and Mummy will have their own cooing, gurgling little bundle of joy.

The consultant came in and talked to Mummy and Daddy about the best way to get you out! They agree on a plan, and off he went; a real no nonsense kind of guy.

We were left waiting again and wondering what happens next…


Maybe a half an hour passed and a nurse came in and told Mummy that she was first on the schedule and asked if she was ready to go down theatre!

(I wondered to myself, are any of us EVER ready for what was about to happen?)

Its all happened very fast! Mummy jumped up. Daddy jumped up. The nurse led the way and we all walked down the corridor, down the stairs and into the Delivery Suite, where all the action would take place!

I couldn’t go with Mummy and Daddy and I couldn’t stay on the Ward.  I was a Mommy without a daughter and a Grandma without a Grandchild.

It was only 9:30 and visiting hours would not officially start until 2:30… “UGH… what am I going to do for the next few hours ?”  For lack of a better place to go, I go to the hospital restaurant and try to relax.

As I drink my tea, it hit me!

I better start writing this story, because some day you may want to hear about the day you were born and maybe I won’t be around to tell you about it… I hope I am, but as you’ll  learn, there are a lot of things in this life that we have no control over; life and death are just two of them.

I get lost in my writing and almost don’t hear the “ping” of the message, as it came into my phone. It was from Daddy and he was excited to tell me you have arrived!

His exact written words were; “He’s here and he’s perfect!” 

I ask about Mummy and he told me she is fine.  (Whew, I was able to breath again)

I sit in the hospital restaurant with tears of joy rolling down my face. You were here, you were perfect and my little girl (who is now a Mummy herself!) was safe and sound!

I was so very grateful.

Daddy told me if I hurried downstairs I might catch a glimpse of you and Mummy as they took you both back to the Ward, where you’d be staying for a few days.

I arrive downstairs with my camera ready.

Soon, the double doors opened and I saw two nurses pushing a bed;  Yeah, it was Mummy and Daddy!!!

Snap, snap, snap I took lots of photos.

long-corridor  corridor-2 happy-corridor

All of a sudden I heard Mummy say, “Do you want to take pictures or do you want to see your Grandson?”


As I slowly took the camera away from my face, and looked down… there you were!  You were the tiniest, little, red faced, cutest baby in the whole world.

Your Daddy was right, you were here and you were perfect.

The rest of that day, Monday, January 30th, 2017 is a blur.

After what seemed like hours and many phone calls and text messages, I finally got to really see you again and hold you for the first time.


Yes, I was a bit “over the moon” to say the least!

I think Mummy and Daddy had by this time decided that they would keep you and “No,” Grandma wasn’t going to be able to steal you away as planned. *Drat*


The day flashed by in what seemed like a few minutes and before I knew it, it was over; I was home in bed thanking God for the most perfect day.

I asked the gods and the universe to bless you and to keep you safe.  I asked that I live long enough to meet you properly, have some amazing adventures with you, and to watch you grow into (at least) a young man.  My eyes closed and I quickly fell fast asleep.

And that was your first day my sweet, baby boy.

You must always remember, no matter what, that you were our “miracle baby,” my little “Zeus,” and the most wanted, loved, cherished and adored baby EVER.

Love Grandma



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