Chaos and Mayhem


As far back as I can remember, my Dad used to tell me that I was like a “Bull in a china shop.”  It seems that even as a very young child, I would leave a trail (literally a physical trail!) of disruption behind me, wherever I went!

I was (and still am) a bit of a klutz; so often times the pandemonium left in my wake, was something very unfortunate, like a broken vase; or in a more fortunate scenario, just a piece of bric-a-brac, that had been knocked over and left for dead.  In either case, you’d definitely know, if I had been in your shop or home.

The phrase,“Bull in a china shop,” interestingly enough, can also relate to a situation where a person finds him/herself out-of-place or uncomfortable and deals too “roughly” or “directly,” with a delicate problem.  Needless to say, throughout my life I have been known to be a bit of a “Bull,” in this regard as well.

It’s believed that the phrase came about because of real life occurrences that took place in 17th century London, when live cattle were brought into the actual marketplace!  Sometimes they would get loose and stray into the nearby shops, reeking havoc and causing damage and loss of life!  The earliest recorded use of the phrase is by a novelist named Frederick Marryat in a novel titled, “Jacob Faithful.” (1834).

Hmmmm?  I just realised, I’m a bull by nature and a bull by zodiac sign!


Since meeting my husband in the mid 1990’s, I’ve been introduced to (and have developed a fondness for) Superhero films; Unbreakable, Hellboy, Iron Man (all),  X-Men (all),  Guardians of the Galaxy (both), Batman (all), Fantastic Four, Justice League, Doctor Strange… just to name a few of my favourites;  but I do love most all of them.

It was when Halle Berry was first introduced as Storm, in X-Men (2000), that I decided I needed a Superhero name of my own.  My husband was quick to agree; and based on many factors, least of which my history as a Bull in China Shop, we decided on Chaos!

It is the most perfect name for me.

I have embraced and made every attempt to be worthy of my Superhero name, since adopting it in 2000.  My husband and I often look at each other and roll our eyes or snigger, when I turn too quickly and accidentally break, or knock something over.

It’s not as funny and gets a tad embarrassing, when I “open my mouth and insert my foot,” causing an otherwise lively, fun-filled room of people, to turn deathly quiet.  When the mood suddenly changes to the funeral scene from “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” it’s not very funny.

“Chaos” (as much now my alter ego, as it is my Superhero name) has been aroused and reared her brazen head at the most inopportune times.  For example, at my brother’s funeral, my daughter’s wedding, various dinner engagements with family and friends…  in stores, restaurants and even in the North Laine section of Brighton, when over zealous motorists have wrongly believed that they had the right-away!

She is both a blessing and a curse.

However, she and I happily co-exist; sharing the same body, mind, soul and consciousness, while being aware that we need to give each other respect and space to grow and “be” as individuals in our own right.


The Cambridge Dictionary defines “mayhem,” as;

“a situation in which there is little or no order or control,”

While Merriam-Webster defines it as:

“Needless or wilful damage or violence” 

Either way, it sounds an awful lot like chaos, don’t you think?

Well…  I could not help but noticing, that when Max (my beautiful, precious, innocent, 16 month old grandson) was visiting last week, he displayed endless periods, of behavior that strongly resembled mayhem!  

With this beautiful, angelic face and smiling eyes, he would “wilfully,” pick up a candle, look me right in the eye and take a big old bite out of it!  He would then, lock his jaw, like a Pit Bull, making it virtually impossible to get the piece of wax out of his mouth!

He’d quickly and without warning, go from holding and admiring the round, colourful, ceramic coasters… to wildly throwing them across the room, like small, lethal, baby sized Frisbees!

There was the small, round, metal, potato masher (that Grandma stupidly handed him!) that he turned into a single, drumstick and proceeded to imitate Phil Colin’s drum solo, on the track “In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins.  The coffee table is still recovering!

He was loving and gentle to all of Grandma’s plants until…  it no longer suited him.  The delicate leaf would, one minute, be held gently between his two fingers and then in a  “blink of an eye,” it was being strangled, in his tightly, clinched little fist!  Never to breath in carbon dioxide again…

It was both interesting and quite disturbing how he could go from calm and inquisitive to devious and destructive, in a microsecond.  It was almost like something possessed him and he no choice, but to act out and be “wilfully violent,” “destructive” and “out of control.”

Hmmm?  It makes me wonder…

Although he looks exactly like his Daddy, could he have inherited the “chaos” gene?

Could he be the next Bull in a China Shop, but with a more modern, destructive, mayhem element to it?

Perhaps he and Grandma should team up more often…  maybe we could capitalise on this?

Perhaps we could be a famous, Superhero Duo!   I can see it now…

Chaos and Mayhem; Wreaking havoc, wherever they go! 

Chaos and Mayem


    1. Awe…. thanks! That was 2 weeks before Christmas, and 3-4 weeks after my diagnoses. I don’t look like that anymore! I look older, more tired and have a big ol moon face now! …but yes, Max and I are headed for bigger an better things as Chaos & Mayhem!

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