Many of my friends in the UK don’t get the whole NFL, Colin Kaepernick, “Take a Knee, thing that’s happening in the “Good Ol US of A,” currently.  Frankly I’m not 100% sure I get it either, but the waves of righteous indignation and nationalistic outrage is gobsmacking!

I will say that I respect Colin Kaepernick’s right to his opinion and would fight to the death (Well… okay, let’s not take that literally or put it to the test, shall we!) to defend his right to voice that opinion, in any (non-violent) way he sees fit, but as they say, “…shit’s gettin crazy” and people have lost their minds!

The latest thing?  #JustBurnIt

People are burning (literally setting on fire) hundred of thousands of dollars worth of Nike™ gear (Shit they bought, with their own hard-earned money!) in protest over Nike’s™ new global advertising campaign that features the controversial Kapernick and a new Nike™ slogan:

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Seriously, people… I respect your opinion and I would fight to the death (Okay… again, let’s not take this literally!) to defend your right to voice that opinion in any (non-violent) way you see fit,  …but seriously, burnin up your shit?

Please help me understand, how does that possibly hurt Nike™?

Did you know, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there are approximately 193,000 people who are living “unsheltered” in the USA…  that means that they are living on the streets and have access to emergency shelters, transitional housing, or Safe Havens.

That’s 193,000 men, women and children who are on the wrong side of a long, cold winter.

I understand that you don’t agree with Nike’s™ decision…  I get that throwing your $200 Air Jordan’s on the BBQ grill, while your wife shot that awesome video, made your dick hard… (Well… metaphorically I understand that), but could you not have just written a very,  strong letter (with lots of swear words and CAPS) to Nike’s CEO, voicing your opinion and telling him what you really think?

Then…  if you truly didn’t want to wear that Nike™ shit anymore, could you not have packed it all up in a box and driven it to the local, Veterans shelter?

Those guys are homeless, and they are painfully aware that winter’s coming!  Most of them couldn’t give a shit about whether Colin Kaepernick takes a knee, or if Nike™ signs him as part of their new ad campaign.

Some… who served their country, in wars, on foreign soil, will tell you they may (or may not) agree with the Kaepernick, but they damn sure support and defend his right to protest.

In fact many will tell you they fought for his right to protest!

They are the ones who know it’s not about the flag.

They are the ones who know it’s not about the anthem.

They are the ones who know it’s not about patriotism.

They are the ones who know it all started because one man was deeply, disturbed by the alarming number of young, black lives that he perceived were being killed (and in some cases, questionably killed); and deciding to use his viability, his platform and his fame to call attention to it.

I assume he hoped that he’d start a conversation; prompt a dialog between the Black community and the Law Enforcement community.  Maybe he thought he’d even get people like you and me look more closely at the individual cases like those of  Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner or Philando Castle.  Who knows what he thought his “Take a Knee” action would prompt… but I’ll bet he never expected this shit storm.

I’m sorry that cause and protest was hijacked… I’m sad that it was turned into something that it’s not and never was.  I’m outraged that Trump has seen fit to make it a political talking point.  I am hopeful that many of us do know what it’s really about and support all the NFL players who continue to exercise their right to protest.

To all those people burin up their Nike shit… please, please, please don’t #JustBurnIt…



   “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”


  1. Burning the shoes is stupid, but just another form of protest. I mostly feel neutral about Colin Kaepernik but don’t agree with the “sacrificing everything” part of the logo. He is no way sacrificing everything.

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    1. I don’t disagree with the counter protest, but #JustBurnIt is a silly, wasteful protest nonetheless. And, it was everything to him (CK); his career, his income stream, his reputation. He lost friends and colleagues… just for standing up (kneeling down) for what he believed. This could have blown up in his face and he could have been totally ostracised by friends and teammates… he had no way of knowing he’d become a “grassroots” hero. He put everything on the line. Just my opinion.


  2. I agree with all the points you make. As a U.K. observer, I did find the kneeling protest moving. I wish all of our youth would protest more about what is being done in their name and to the world they will inherit.

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  3. You’re on the money with your reactions and your suggestions! I can only hope that my countrymen figure all this out eventually! Patriotism requires so much more than honoring a flag or an anthem.

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  4. “Hear hear” as the politicians would say – agree wholeheartedly with all you say xx💕 hate hate HATE waste when people could be benefiting fro
    It xx


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