Clear as Mud!

“Visionaries see beyond the boundaries of eyesight.” 
― Gift Gugu Mona

On August 22nd, I was told I had “the beginnings” of cataracts, but not to worry… we’d check them again, in a year.

On November 2nd (just 71 days later) I was back at the Ophthalmologist, because I couldn’t see! Everything was blurry.

Okay, interesting… the cataracts had progressed (at the speed of light, apparently) and both my short and long vision had been significantly impaired! The lenses in both sets of glasses were changed and I as sent on my merry way.

A follow up appointment was made for 3 months (February 3rd, 2019). We hoped there would be no significant change, in that short a period of time, but just in case… it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Today (67 days after my last appointment) I was back in the chair again.

Why? You ask… Because I cant see anything out of my right eye, and I can barley see out of my left eye.

And yes, It was confirmed, the cataracts have again progressed “significantly,” further impairing both my short and long vision.

The right eye is now so bad, I am eligible to have the surgery done under the NHS, if I want to wait 6-9 months… and she {the Ophthalmologist} is pretty sure that within a very short period of time, the left eye will also be eligible, under the NHS guidelines.


So, I’m chronically ill, I can’t walk, I’m prone to infections and mysterious viruses, and now I’m nearly blind.


Hmmm? … they shoot horses don’t they?


  1. Damn, I do know what you are going through, finally had my two cataract surgeries and still in a recovery cycle. Even with my insurance, paid out over $8000 for both eyes to have special laser surgery and lenses that should make it unnecessary for glasses or contacts and, hopefully, deal with my autoimmune eye issues. Like you, my eyes went faster than expected and made the last few months difficult, embarrassing and frustrating. Can’t offer any magic wand solutions but it is fixable and I’m pleased with my progress so far. Talk with everyone involved, get lots of research material on procedures and lenses because there is a lot to consider and learn during the tramactic process. If you need a shoulder I’m here😎

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