Feeling lousy and really exhausted…

So, you wonder if “stress” can bring on a flare? HA! Take my word for it, it can indeed!

After an unusually stressful 6-7 days, I woke up this morning with a killer headache, pains down the back of my neck and an overall feeling of exhaustion.

I thought it might subside as the day went on, but here we are at 4:00 and the walk, the fresh air and the flat white did not have the positive effect, I was hoping for! (Although I did throughly enjoy the flat white!)

Maybe I should have tried wine?

We sometimes forget that our bodies are much more fragile and sensitive than we think. Anger, fear, hostility all take their toll and can tip, even strongest of constitutions! You don’t feel it at the time, because the effects are virtually unnoticeable, but not too long after any negative interaction, you start to feel the pangs of “illness.”

Sometimes it’s just an upset stomach or a slight headache. Other times it feels like we’ve been hit by a truck and that you might be getting “man flu,” (even if you’re a woman!). Unfortunately we often don’t yield to the initial (and somewhat vague) symptoms, until it’s too late and we’re in the throws of a full fledged FLARE!

Like now.

Its my own fault. I should have expected this to happen. People warned me; but me… being an bit of “A-hole” (Yes, I admit it!!!), was so wrapped up in the “cause,” and in what was “right and just,” that I neglected to weigh the potential effects on my body, my mind and my soul.

Be forewarned!!!! Don’t be a “Melissa.”

Don’t allow friends, relatives, neighbours or people on a website to suck the energy out of you!

Don’t put the wants and needs of others, ahead of your own.

Listen to your intuition, it’s usually right.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the drama.

Resist the urge to be pulled down Circle 5 of Dante’s Inferno!

Be kind to your body. Feed your soul, Rest your mind.

Don’t be a Melissa!


  1. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Fill your tub and have a lovely soak and let all your worries drift away. You are too important and life is too short.


    1. Water, water, water (wish it would turn into freaking WINE!) a nice hot bubble bath, jammies on….. and you are right, LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Thank you for the lovely words! xxxx


  2. Your description of what happens is so apt. Even if your mind has forgotten, your body doesn’t. So glad to see you back in the fold. 🌹


  3. Yes, I’m certain your right about stress, yet sometimes we feel like crap, even when we’re in high spirits— not high on spirits. A couple of weeks ago, I hit rock bottom, like suicidal-thoughts-bottom. I’ve been in dark places, but this was a scary dark place. Thankfully, the right pets crossed my path at just the right time. I finally took the steps and sought the help of a therapist (haven’t needed one since going through my divorce 8+ yrs ago). Just taking the steps, and then actually going, turned me around. I’ve been feeling emotionally better than I have in a long while. I guess I needed to spill my guts out on the table to a kind and objective listener (with a PhD). Anywho, despite feeling emotionally better, my head has been pounding, I feel more dizzy than usual, and generally unwell. I’m a fighter, a survivor, but sometimes life just takes us down a few pegs— or more.
    Stay strong 💪

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    1. Ohhhh CanyGirl61, I am so sorry to hear you had fallen so deep… With these illnesses and a cold dark winter it is easy to do. I am happy you sought the help of a professional!
      Good on you!!!! We all need to be talked off the ledge at one point or another… Please take care of yourself and don’t let it go so far next time (hopefully there will not be a next time!) but if you feel it coming on….nip it in the bud! Talk to someone! I am so glad you’re feeling better! ❤️


  4. Wow, I wish there was an edit button. I see grammatical errors and odd autocorrections in my last post! Suffice it to say, I know the difference between “your” and “you’re” And, though I love my “pet,” it was a person that crossed my path.

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    1. A short note to let you know my access to XXXXXX has been “restricted” and I cannot post, nor can I comment on another member’s post. I can “read only” and send Chat messages…
      This, I believe, is in response to complaints made by a few members that they found my recent blog {There’s Nowt so Queer as Folk} “distressing,” and they found my responses to their posts and/or comments “upsetting.”

      I was told, yesterday, in order to keep my membership, I was not to upset other people. Direct quote, “If you wish to remain part of the forum please do not upset other peopled.”
      I responded and asked the Moderator for specific examples of posts/comments that were found to be “upsetting,” insulting, abusive, or dismissive, so that I would not inadvertently make similar comments (and upset someone) in the future; but she did not provide me with any examples.

      I responded to today’s message by reiterating that it wasn’t my style to be abusive or to consciously cause someone to be “upset.”

      I also pointed out that members are forewarned what my blogs are about, advised whether they are or ARE/ARE NOT related to PMR/GCA, told if it contains strong language, told NOT to click the link, if they’re not interested; and taken to a totally different website to read the blog… I questioned why my membership was being threatened, because members ignored all the warnings, clicked into a different website, read the blog and became “distressed.”

      ..it was too late, my questions were not answered, but my membership was restricted.

      So, now you know why you will not see any posts or comments from me.



  5. What an absolute load of nonsense all the all the negative stuff that has been going on, after all no one is made to read your blog posts or for that matter log onto your blog (which as I understand it is separate from the forum.) I for one enjoy your posts and your ALTERNATIVE take on issues and if I don’t want to read them I won’t.

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    1. Hi, Vee, Yes it was a load of nonsense!!! I post a “link” to my blog (which is here on WordPress) on that other website. I also put a “warning,” advising people if the blog is/is not about PMR/GCA, I advise what the blog is about, I even tell them if I have used profanity… I tell them NOT to click the link if they are not interested in te subject matter… it id beyond me how anyone can read all that, click the link, go to WordPress, read the blog and then complain that the blog “distressed” them. …but as I said, “none so queer as folk.” ❤️


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