It was the best concert ever…

Artwork by Boyd Elder

…so why couldn’t I stop crying?

Yup, crying. I was pretty much a blubbering idiot throughout the entire concert.

Every time they flashed a photo of Glen Frey. Every time Deacon sang the lead. Every time Timothy Schmit played one of his epic guitar solos, I lost it.

Don’t even talk to me about the part of the show when they performed “Desperado!” I actually had to take my seat, where I sat sobbing until the song ended. For those of you who don’t know, I am 100% convinced, that this song was written about my brother Charlie (although I’m not sure how that happened?) who was, in every sense of the word, a true “desperado.” …however, he was also the most kind, generous, loving brother a girl could have. Rest in peace Charlie.

They say that music is the food of the soul… well if that’s true, than my soul was very well fed, last Friday night, in Birmingham, when The Eagles took the stage. Perhaps it was more well fed at this particular concert, than at any other concert I have ever attended.

And God knows, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a few, i.e. The Who, CSNY, Cat Stevens, BB King, Carol King, James Taylor, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin (although technically I stood outside the stage door at that Clark University concert, in 1969), UB40, Jethro Tull, Joni Mitchell, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Glen Campbell, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, Meatloaf, Earth, Wind & Fire, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Wham, U2, Van Morrison, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Patti LaBelle, Jackson Browne, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Prince, and ahhhh yes, Barry Manilow! (And of course, there are the many concerts that I attended… but of which, I have no recollection!)

So quite coincidently, after I started writing this Blog (and not having any idea where I was going with it) a friend of mine wrote this on Facebook; “Feeling quite emotional watching The Cure. Hate the passage of time.”

And all of a sudden it hit me!

That was it! Thank you Jo! Thank you!!!

I cried, because I was mourning passage of time.

Each song they sang brought back vivid, bittersweet memories of my life; it was like watching my life pass before my very eyes, with the start of each song. Where I was, who I was with, what I was doing… it all came flooding back, drowning me in a pool of irrepressible emotions.

The Eagles first album (Eagles) debuted in 1972… that’s 47 years ago; I was 18 years old. I was young, optimistic, full hope, and still a “little” innocent! I had my whole life ahead of me. Life was good, and as far as I was concerned… I had it, by the balls.

The slow, sweet harmonising and introspective lyrics of The Eagles touched my soul. From “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” to “Take it Easy,” to “Witchy Woman.” I was hooked. There was no denying, they had gotten to the very core of me.

Yes, I appreciated and supported many other artists throughout the years, but I always loved and came back to The Eagles.

In 1973 they gifted me (okay us) with Desperado, in 1974 On the Border, 1975 One of These Nights and in 1976 Hotel California. Some extraordinary music in those 3 short years…

By 1976, I was 22, married, no kids, plenty of money, lots of friends and we were all “living life in the fast lane.” *ahem* I dare not elaborate on that…

“The Long Run,” released in 1979, was called a “disappointment” by many a critic, but it gave us songs like “Heartache Tonight” and “I Can’t Tell You Why,” which was the perfect commentary for my marriage, at the time. I was 25, had a two year old daughter, and I was no longer optimistic about life or love.

The Eagles took a 14 year “break,” which lasted from July, 1980 to November, 1994. In that 14 years, I was divorced, started a career (that would last 35 years), remarried, had another child and was divorced again! My Mom had passed away in 1991 and I was no longer young, innocent, or happy. My life was more than half over and life’s balls (which I still held tightly in my hands) were now sagging…

In 1994 I was 40 years old, and I needed “Hell Freezes Over” desperately! Songs like “Learn to be Still,” and “The Girl from Yesterday” reinforced and suited my mood and my disposition. Not to mention the good old favourites like “Desperado,” “Wasted Time, and “In the City,” which were re-released on that album.

I was lucky enough to see the “Hell Freezes Over” concert in person, with… Ummm, well, with someone, I just cant remember who! Let’s just say I was with Glen, Don, Joe, Timothy and Don F, because in fact, I truly was.

There were a couple albums released after that, like “Selected Works,” and “The Very Best of…” but they just left me wanting more…

So here I am… I’m now, 65. It’s been 47 years since their first album dropped, but it feels like a blink of an eye. I am old, pessimistic and have little hope left, based on the state of things. In fact, I’m on the wrong side of time and my days are definitely numbered.

Sitting in that arena, on Friday night, listening to (and quietly singing) every word of every song, I was filled with bittersweet nostalgia. I was mourning the loss of my youth, my innocence, the loss of family and friends, and the loss of my “children,” who are now full grown adults. I realised I’m actually mourning the loss of Glen Frey, which is ridiculous, as I didn’t even know him! …but it sure feels like I did!

{It must be said here that Deacon Frey has done his father proud! He fits into the band like an old leather glove… He may be young (26), but he’s an old soul. And, on that stage, he’s channeling his Dad for sure.}

Hearing The Eagles again, evoked so many memories; good ones, not so good ones… There they were, all laid out in front of me, like they just happened yesterday. And there I was, filled with the dreaded realisation that it’s only a matter of time, before either I, or my favourite band members, will no longer be here.

They say that music is the food of the soul…

Well than… The Eagles have provided my soul with a never ending banquet of delicious, sustaining, nourishment. They have been a constant source of inspiration, strength and joy, throughout my life…

It’s the music I go back to, time, after time, after time and will continue to do so, for hopefully many, many, more years to come.

PS – I talked my husband into us getting really good seats for this concert. I remarked that it would “probably be the last time we ever get to see them.” Shhhh, my fingers were crossed and I’m so hoping that I was lying!


  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to concerts, plays, shows, etc. where I do the exact same thing….cry! It is definitely emotional and thinking of the past and where I am now is just mindblowing. How did I get here??!! I just love reading all that you write!

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    1. Hi, Thank you for affirming that I am not going crazy! I was so vey excited to be there and to cry throughout the show seemed such a waste, but I enjoyed every second of it… and somehow felt cleansed! Thank you for taking the time to read my rantings. xxxx


  2. Followed you down memory lane Melisssa, people and places are still
    there good and not so…
    Forwarded your blog to my son, he said he was jealous as the Eagles were playing in Leeds last night. Hear The Cure or The Smiths et al, and I am once again driving back from Brixham Academy, or somewhere, after he missed the last train back to Kent.
    Hotel California is playing in my head as I write. Happy Days.

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    1. Thanks for coming along! Memory Lane can be a magical, if not scary place! I’m sorry your son missed them in Leeds… he’ll catch them next time! It is odd how the music of our youth, brings us right back to specific places, in time. Oh, and Hotel California is not a bad song to have stuck in your head… Thank for reading!


  3. Ah Melissa. Touched by this. You put to into words so well. For me, its 35 years. Sad that some of those lovely, fresh faced young things who so enjoyed that music never made it to 30. Sad that I will never live my past again, sad that I am still the same person in a middle aged body. If I could have a super power, it would be to time hop my life and watch it play out again, from the corner of the room. I love books because I can keep re-reading them. The story never ages, neither does the characters… I would love for my life to be a book, where I can pick it up and re-read, when I wanted and the chapter I want. But I cant. That’s why i cried when i watched the cure on the pyramid stage. Because I cant flick back and enjoy it again.

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    1. Ahhhh Jo Brighton, thank you! Thank you for being touched by my words… thank you for reading! It’s good to know that I am not alone, and I am not crazy. And yes, I am still “the same person,” but now I am in an old and broken body… believe me that is one tough realisation! …and boy does it suck! For all the reasons you listed, and more… is exactly why I cried through an entire concert. No we can’t flick back… we can’t get a re-do.” We can only move forward to our ultimate end. …but man, wasn’t it fucking amazing!!!!


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