Woman Who Exploit Girls

Beautiful Faces of Evil?

Call me naive, but I was actually surprised by this….

Federal prosecutors have identified 5 women who were in Jeffery Epstein’s “inner circle,” and who “allegedly” assisted him with vetting, recruiting, grooming and transporting underage girls, to his NY and Florida residences; where (as we have all heard) some unthinkable acts took place… allegedly.

Wait… what?

There were women (willingly) involved in Jeffery Epstein’s sick and twisted inner circle? …and they knowingly assisted with the orchestration and facilitation of the lecherous sexual encounters, between older men and underage girls?

WTF? Seriously?

Sadly, it no longer shocks me to hear what some men are capable of doing to women. Young women, older women, girls, children. I have read some frighteningly gruesome accounts of deviant, violent behaviour perpetrated against females, by men; but imagining these men (these animals) might have had female accomplices, who were ready, willing and able to assist them, simply blows my mind!

Why? What on earth would possess you…

I just cannot fathom why ANY women would knowingly be involved in the exploitation, victimisation and manipulation of another female, let alone of a young, vulnerable, gullible girl.

How do you look yourself in the mirror, after being involved in a scheme where young girls were deceived into believing they’re going to be models or professional masseuses who would travel around the world on yachts; when in fact, you knew damn well, they were being recruited, groomed and duped into having sex with dirty, old men with pedophile tendencies?

Was it money? Power? Ego? Drugs? Daddy issues?

As I sit writing this, I try my hardest, to imagine… “What would it have taken for me to be involved in something like this?” Could I have been the woman on the periphery who made the travel arrangements, for these girls to fly to Florida or NY? Could I have been the Executive Assistant who coordinated schedules between Epstein, his rich, influential male friends and the many young females? What would it have taken for me to be complicit with activities that clearly manipulated 14, 15, 16 year old girls?

Would you sell your soul for money, power, ego, acceptance?

There’s nothing; not one single thing that I can think of (that anyone could have offered me) that would have made it “okay,” for me to take part in something like this. I can’t even imagine it! Not fame, fortune, acceptance, friendship or love… nothing.

Just who are these grown women, in Jeffery Epstein’s inner circle? Let’s know and remember their names, just in case the allegations are substantiated, and they were in fact involved in this depravity against young girls…

Ghislaine Maxwell,

Haley Robson,

Sarah Kellen,

Nadia Marcinkova,

Lesley Groff,

Adriana Ross.

Oh, and if the allegations are proven true, may you all go down in history, as vile, opportunistic, parasites!

Also, if hell (or any such equivalent concept) actually exists, may you rot there for eternity.

WTF is this world coming to? …like I said, call me naive.


  1. There have probably been women complicit in this way for centuries. W.T. Stead in ‘The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon’ exposed a Victorian sex ring of wealthy men who relied on respectable-seeming women to entice and recruit young girls. Read ‘Gigi’ by Colette. Young Gilberte (Gigi) is groomed and trained to be a courtesan by her grandmother and great aunt, themselves former couresans.

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  2. Yes, unfortunately you are probably right… I guess I wrongly thought we were somehow evolving and becoming the more enlightened of the species. It seems not. Thank you for your comment, I will check out WTStead’s work….


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