Who Kicks A Man When He’s Down?

Idiots? Morons? Racist bigots? People incapable of empathy towards another human being?

All of the above!

I was saddened (even more than I was last night) to wake up this morning, and to read the following headline:

FA condemns ‘disgusting’ racist abuse of Marcus Rashford and other England players minutes after England’s Euro final defeat

Are you kidding me? Really? WTF?

Minutes after the game ended, these neanderthals went online and singled out three of England’s players, apparently hurling racial slurs, wicked comments and abuse related to the colour of their skin.

Yes, you heard me, the colour of their skin.

I didn’t see the comments (I didn’t want those images stuck in my head) but I have a pretty good imagination, and the mere fact that they were reported as “disgusting,” gives me an idea of what was written.

It boggles my mind, it truly does!

What part of the human psyche tells someone that it’s okay to (publicly or otherwise) verbally abuse another human being (at anytime, for any reason!) let alone minutes after a huge physical and emotional defeat? And all because a ‘game’ was lost and several of the players happened to have a skin colour, different from yours.

What part of a person’s heart says it’s okay to “kick a man/woman when s/he is down?”

What satisfaction does one get from dehumanising and verbally abusing another human being?

Does it make you feel somehow bigger? Better?

These three players did nothing, but give 100% of themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. Game after game they ran around, on your telly, for your entertainment and gave it their ALL. They sacrificed, they trained, they gave interviews, they posed for photos, all so you could sit on your backside, watching and just waiting to abuse and ridicule them.

Here’s another one of today’s headlines:

“Marcus Rashford mural vandalised less than an HOUR after England’s Euro final loss”

Again, are you f**king kidding me?

Marcus Rashford’s mural?

Marcus Rashford… the 23 year old kid who has been entertaining you for 5+ years? The charming, intelligent, socially aware young man who has raised over £20 million for a charity donating food to vulnerable children? The player who inspires youngsters, fights racism in sports, challenged Boris and his cronies, all to give kids free lunch during the pandemic. Why? Because a game was lost? He has been nothing but truthful, soft spoken, generous and galvanising?

What insanity is this?

Yes, England lost.

It was awful.

It was heartbreaking.

And yes, I’m sure the entire country was in tears, as I was… but the large majority of us didn’t jump on social media and take it out, on the players whose skin colour was different from ours!

We sucked it up. We realised it was an unfortunate turn of events. It wasn’t any one person’s fault … let alone those three.

Whoever was so inclined to destroy a beautiful mural, or post racial slurs on any social media platform…. take a good, long, look in the mirror this morning.

Are you proud of yourself?

Do you feel better about the loss?

Are you bragging to friends and family about your heroic act?

I would venture to say NOT!

So your stupid, heartless, cruel and disgusting act(s) did noting at all. Had no purpose. Made no difference, Changed nothing.

What a waste of time and energy.

Marcus Rashford MBE @MarcusRashford

Jadon Sancho @Sanchooo10

@ Bukayo Saka @BukayoSaka87

Please know that 99.99% of this country love and respect you. We appreciate what you’ve done and what you’ve given us. We are humbled by your talents and amazingly proud of your efforts and achievements. Be proud. Hold your heads up high.

You’ve got NOTHING to be ashamed about.


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