If it ain’t broke….

a girl once told me

There’s an old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Probably good advice…

However, what I struggle with, is when it is bloody well broken, but doesn’t want to be fixed!  …and therein lies the problem.

I’m a natural analyst and problem solver.  It’s just the way my mind works.  I look at a situation and my mind, automatically begins to analyze it from every possible angle, looking for a solution, a fix.  I can quickly assess what’s happening and often can come up with a plan of exactly what needs to be done to “fix” it.  Sometimes this works really well and things can be fixed right then and there, on the spot.  Done and dusted.  Sorted.  Fixed.  These are the best case scenarios!

Other times I’m not so much “fixing” things, as I am able to find an alternate path out of, around, or through a problem.  A “wormhole” so to speak, that lends itself to opening up a temporary release of pressure.  A path, presenting the least amount resistance, pain, heartache, despair.  This isn’t the best case scenario, but it’s better nothing.

Trying to fix broken people, is totally different.  Trying to fix broken people (especially those who do not want to be fixed) is tricky and dangerous.

I’m beginning to believe, that sometimes, broken people don’t want to be fixed.  And attempts to fix them, come across as intrusive, meddlesome and annoying.  Trying to fix a broken person, who wishes not to be fixed, can make that person feel anger, betrayal, resentment and they can (and often do) lash out with vile, hurtful, offensive responses.

I may be old, but thank God, I’m still learning….  I believe the lesson I’m meant to learn here, is that some people need (for whatever reason) to remain broken.  It is not my place (or my duty) to fix them.  Perhaps it’s their lesson to be in a broken state and to see their own way through without guidance.

It doesn’t feel right and it sure as hell isn’t fair, but some people may just be meant to be broken.


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